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I Like Cheese

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Heyy Y'all whats new?? It's 2007! Let's start a RIOT!!....(p.s. haha Nozzy!!!)

WELL howdy do! If you havent been to this STIMULATING site yet, welcome! and if you HAVE been here before, what the hell are you doing back here?? Don't you have a life??

 <---- This here happens to be one of my fav bands, GC. But you didnt have to know that. Its just some good info if you need to buy me a CD :P


New Junk

I'lljust add my latest news(which is pretty boring)here:

6/8/2005-well this is my first day of using this site. Yipee. Not doingmuch...

10/8/2005- workin on this site agen! :P myeyes r killin me from swimming

16/8/2005- OMG its almost the end of skool! Can I get another amen? AMEN!!! Crappy exams tho...

1/11/2005- OMG i havent been workin on my site in foreva! srry ppls! well i'm bak! whoo!

15/6/2006- Well it seems i cant even update my site unless its half a frickin year in between. I guess i gotta get my ass in gear and try to update!!!!!jeesh!

22/1/2007- Wellllllllllll i am a total liar! I obviously didnt get my ass in gear! Its been another half a year. HOLY GOD! Wow. its almost been 2 years since i started this site. And have I accomplished anything? Hell no!