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I Like Cheese

Movies you should see

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here are the most awesomest movies you will ever see!!!!

Zoolander is one of my favorite movies,its uuber

Fat Albert sucked butt, seriously, but it had Joel Madden in it, so that made up for the whole stupid movie

Harry Potter 3 was totally wicked!! The only part that sucked was when he was crying. I mean, what was THAT about?!

OMG! Batman Begins! SEE IT!!!!

finding neverland is such a good movie! I almost cried it was so sad.....

princess Mononoke was such an awesome movie but I bet youve never even heard of it

Spiderman 1 and 2 were so cool,cuz he flung around like everwhere in his PJ's. LOL I'm kidding, i just liked them alot.